The Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

At the time of selecting a Bluetooth adapter for your wired headphones, have in mind that the majority of them are poor quality. The main issues presented in different Bluetooth receivers could be listed as follows:

1) The right and left audio signals get mixed, producing a mono sound
2) The audio signal corresponding to right and left channels get inverted
3) While a Bluetooth operating range should be 30ft, many of them do not reach 10ft

FixHeadphones is pleased to announce our reliable FHBlue that has passed the test of our professionals, keeping the quality of your wired headphones with the convenient wireless experience.

Now, your headphones can be turned into wireless by attaching our FH Blue, Bluetooth Hi-Fi Adapter designed to work with wired headphones. Yes, you can receive music from your iPhone, Android, etc. If you are interested, we can send you the device with the instructions. If you have sent in your headphones to be repaired, we can include our Hi-Fi Bluetooth with your order. We offer a one-year warranty.

These are the specifics regarding our Bluetooh Hi-Fi Adapter:
– Power Source: Battery (Rechargeable by USB port)
– Battery Capacity: 170mAh, Charge time: 1.5 hrs
– Play time: 10 hrs
– Volume button/play and pause button, microphone for phone call
– Operating Range: 50 feet
– Made for iPhone, android, etc
– Introductory price: $44.00

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