Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Repairs

What happens when a Monster™ gets together with a Doctor? You get Beats™ by Dr. Dre™. Unfortunately, even the doctor gets sick sometimes. Your little brother leaves your headphones on a chair and squash. Or the jack bends and breaks. Let us get your Beats™ up and running again.

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Beats™ headphone models we repair

Over-Ear Headphone Models:

  • Studio
  • Wireless
  • Pro
  • Detox
  • Solo & Solo HD
  • Mixr

In-Ear Headphone Models:

  • Tour
  • ibeats
  • HeartBeats
  • DiddyBeats
  • PowerBeats

Note: In-ear/Ear-bud repairs are limited to audio plug repairs.  In-ear headphones frequently break at the ear piece/speaker and we cannot repair those types of breaks.

Common breaks on Beats™

Here’s a few pictures of what we usually see breaking on Beats™.

Broken Beats Headphones

Broken Head Band

The design of the head band creates pressure points in the wrong places. As a result, the plastic snaps.

Broken Audio JacksBroken Audio Plugs

The wiring near the audio jack can become damaged or frayed from yanking and bending over time.

(Left: Broken jack. Right: Repaired jack.)

Don’t lose your investment. Send your headphones to us and get back to the music.

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